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Who we are

With 25 Years experience we are a full service digital marketing agency serving clients throughout Australia. We assist businesses to achieve individual success through digital marketing.

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Staying Fresh - Your Sixpack for Success

Staying Fresh With Your Market. 

Your digital marketing efforts may sometimes seem like a complete waste of time however without marketing a company will hinder its ability to reach mass audiences and gain as many customers (and sales) as possible.

Digital marketing, in particular, is one of the most effective ways to reach customers and increase sales. Some measures are free, and some are an investment. Yet, no matter how much time and energy you spend on digital marketing, you will always guarantee more sales and success.

Follow these six tips for your small business to gain as much success as possible from its digital marketing efforts. 

Optimize your website for mobile use.

With most people owning smartphones, it is a smart move to make your website accessible and usable from a mobile device. Yes, your website might work fine on a desktop. However, that doesn’t mean it works well on mobiles.

You should test your website on a mobile and see how it performs. If it proves difficult or isn’t what you had hoped for, invest in a website designer who can expertly optimize your website for mobile use.

Start a business blog or news page.

Speaking of websites, another smart way to gain more success from digital marketing efforts is to start a blog. You can place a blog on your existing website without investing much money in this strategy.

Building a blog and sharing regular content is a great way to engage more customers. On your business blog, you can share behind-the-scenes news, updates on new releases, and other fun and interactive content for your customers to feel more engaged with your business.

Updating your blog will improve your website’s SEO, as fresh content will boost your search engine rankings. The newest updates on any website will enhance its visibility. Hence, you will gain more attention from a regularly updated website, which is possible if you start a blog.

Use Social Media to link back to your blog.

In your social media posts talk about what is happening in your business. Your latest products, your recent deliveries or installations or what is new in your business sector. Get involved with on-line forums, share your knowledge and experience. But always link them back to your website blog or news section so that thyey can readily explore more about what you have to offer.

Ask customers to leave online reviews.

Customer reviews are an effective way to encourage new customers to invest in your business. If a new customer hears that an existing customer loves your customer service team, the quality of your products, or the efficiency of your delivery, your small business will encourage customers to make a purchase.

To attain more customer reviews, asking customers to leave online reviews wouldn’t harm your business. Asking customers for feedback will show them you care about their opinions. Plus, it will allow you to learn more about what customers think about your business. You can use the feedback to your advantage and any negative comments to improve your business.

Plus, attaining feedback through online reviews will allow new customers to see what other people are saying about your business. The reviews will be easy to view for yourself and your new customers.

Is your Google Business Profile up to date?

Your Google Business Profile gives you a great opportunity to directly tell Google, and the rest of the world, what you do and how good you are at doing it. Add your photos, description, link to your website, location, (including a pin on Google Maps), opening hours but most importantly your customers can leave a review here that potential custoomers can read at their leisure.

Where do your new clients come from?

It always amazes me how few businesses simply ask fail to ask new enquirers "How did you find us?" It is a dead simple question and one that most new customers are very happy to answer. You will quickly gain a valuable insight into where more of your marketing efforts should be focussed.

These simple marketing measures will make a great difference to your small business. Improving and updating your website is a critical aspect which will increase your SEO and attract more customers, resulting in greater success and profits.


     “…Thanks Peter, I have been on it already this morning. Looks great….”     “…New website looks great...have seen a definite increase in product enquiries …. think the new website has something to do with that…”     “…Thanks mate, looks great... the instructions seem very clear and concise.... a joy to use...."     “…That is great!!! Thank you Peter… easy to use system and so good that they can buy for two and three passengers… well done... ready to go live??...”     “…it all looks great. Thank you for the wonderful job you have done with this shop…”     “…Thanks very much mate….Legend!...”     “…Hi Peter, Thanks. I think our website is looking great including the changes you have just made… lots of new enquiries mentioning they found us on the web...”

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