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Aussie I.T.
We build brands and digital experiences for your business!
Who we are

We are a digital creative agency based in Albury Wodonga. We assist businesses to achieve ultimate performance through digital marketing.

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Digital Marketing Blog - Aussie I.T.

We discuss all aspects of digital marketing and communications including social media integration, responsive design websites, search engine optimisation, video integration, whiteboard presentations and a whole bunch of other interesting reading for commercial businesses and non-profit organisations alike.
Website Development and Google Search Position Albury Wodonga

During this COVID-19 outbreak we are busy as always helping Albury Wodonga businesses either get their first website or improve their Google Search Position and online sales.

Many businesses, (not only in Albury Wodonga), are mislead about what is involved in having a successful website and digital marketing presence for their business.

What is your Google Search Ranking?

Secure your Website with HTTPS and SSL

What is a "Secure" Website?

The Padlock icon and HTTPS currently shown in the address bar indicate to the visitor that it is an encrypted website connection. The “S” in HTTPS stands for “Secure”. It’s the secure version of the standard “hypertext transfer protocol” your web browser uses when communicating with websites.


As the COVID-19, (Coronavirus) pandemic spreads your website development and digital marketing strategy is now critical.

With COVID-19, (Coronavirus) increasingly rampant in Australia there is going to be a larger and larger number of people practising social distancing, staying at home in self isolation or working from home not only in Albury Wodonga but throughout Australia.

Everybody loves a bit of YouTube. When an online video goes 'viral' it's a marketer's dream come true: free advertising, word of mouth and brand recognition. You may not think it is easy to create a video that spreads like wildfire, but even so, there are plenty of reasons you should be using online video to promote your business. Over recent years online videos have risen to the top of the ranks in Google's Search Results. No matter whether you are a small business selling widgets or a multinational, online video is one of the most valuable and effective means of promoting your business. 

We are specialists at developing websites and digital marketing strategies for businesses operating in the Farming, Agriculture or Ag-engineering sectors. 

Australian use of Smartphones is seeing trends similar to the U.S. where smartphones are driving all growth in U.S. web traffic, while tablets and computer web access has declined, according to new data from Adobe Analytics.

Not-for-profit organisations have quite unique marketing requirements compared to more conventional commercial businesses as they actually have two distinct targets for their marketing message;

  • Their clients – the people they are trying to assist
  • Their funders or partners

The marketing message content and delivery style will being completely different for each.

So you got something cool to share on social media, right? And you want everyone to see it, right? 

You spend hours or sometimes days planning your social media strategy, creating cool and funny images, editing videos and creating blogs (like this amazing one), only to post it and achieve likes, shares and reposts far below your initial planned goal. Why?!

A Responsive Design Website utilises a fluid layout that can adapt, (or respond), according to the screen size of the device the viewer is using. 

Put simply a responsive website is a single website that adapts to the screen size of the device used by the visitor, whether desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Therefore providing an optimal browsing experience for the end user—easy viewing and navigation of the website with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling.

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Brands That We Represent

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