search engine optimisationSearch Engine Optimisation, (SEO), is the specialised process of optimising your website's organic (natural) search results on Google.

SEO may include;

  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Search Engine Results Page, (SERP).
  • PageRank check.
  • Editing your websites meta data and on-page content.
  • Possibly utilising Landing Pages or Mini Sites

Search Engine Marketing, (SEM), is the where you pay to promote your website listing in the search result.

SEM is particularly useful when;

  • You want to promote something quickly for a short period of time, say a "pop-up store" or a "back to school sale" etc.
  • You operate in a competitive market sector which makes it difficult to achieve the desired SERP.

SEM works on a "Pay Per Click" basis whereby you pay each time someone clicks on that link and visits your website.

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