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We discuss all aspects of digital marketing and communications including social media integration, responsive design websites, search engine optimisation, video integration, whiteboard presentations and a whole bunch of other interesting reading for commercial businesses and non-profit organisations alike.

Free Websites for eligible Non Profit Organisations


Are you involved with a Non Profit Organisation or Charity that badly needs a new website? 

If you are helping others - we would love to help you! 

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Agriculture, Farming and Engineering Websites

We are specialists at developing websites and digital marketing strategies for businesses operating in the Farming, Agriculture or Ag-engineering sectors.  Peter managed the development of both dryland and irrigated farming operations for many years so he has a detailed understanding of the sector. Some examples of websites we have developed f...
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Top 10 reasons why online video works

Everybody loves a bit of YouTube. When an online video goes 'viral' it's a marketer's dream come true: free advertising, word of mouth and brand recognition. You may not think it is easy to create a video that spreads like wildfire, but even so, there are plenty of reasons you should be using online video to promote your business. Over recent years...
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Marketing For Non Profit Organisations

Marketing For Non Profit Organisations

Not-for-profit organisations have quite unique marketing requirements compared to more conventional commercial businesses as they actually have two distinct targets for their marketing message;

Their clients – the people they are trying to assistTheir funders or partners

The marketing message content and delivery style will being completely different for each.

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